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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holy 2112! The Rush Petition Returns!

Rush: Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart.
Photo © 2010 Anthem Entertainment

Rush are going back on tour this year, with dates planned in North America and Europe for the 2011 edition of the Time Machine coming to an arena (hopefully) near you.

This means that the Rush Petition site is back up and running, a fan-based initiative to tell Geddy, Alex and Neil what songs we Rush fans really want to hear them play. The petition excludes songs played live since the 1990 Presto tour--which, incidentally was the first time I ever saw Rush.

Considering that the 2010 leg of Time Machine included my three favorite Rush songs ("Presto", "The Camera Eye" and "Marathon") which were all on my last petition submission, I had to change my picks up.

Here's the five songs I want to hear. And yes, I factor in whether "the boys" might be interested in playing them live, which means it's unlikely that they'll ever do "Tai Shan." Sigh.


1) Cut to the Chase
2) The Big Wheel
3) High Water
4) Totem
5) Cinderella Man

And here's the top 5:

Song Title Number of Votes Popularity
Jacob's Ladder 833 41.7%
Hemispheres 492 24.6%
Middletown Dreams 381 19.1%
Kid Gloves 331 16.6%
A Farewell To Kings 315 15.8%

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