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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rush are Coming!

Sherman, fire up the Time Machine!

Rush have announced the 2010 Time Machine tour featuring a full performance of the album Moving Pictures. The band plans to release a two-song EP this year, followed by a complete album in 2011. The album release will be followed by a second tour in 2011. As usual, the band will play a three-hour show, with two sets and an encore. There will be no opening act (which is a good thing for us Rush fans that remember Vinnie Moore and Candlebox.)

And yes, that means that Rush will be playing The Camera Eye, a song which is the most requested by Rush fans.

This is kind of like what the boys did a few years ago when they toured for their 30th anniversary (the R30 tour) which got the band "warm" to record Snakes and Arrows, their best studio record since 1993's Counterparts.

Rush are also celebrating the release of the documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage. Made by acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Sam Dunn (Metal: A Headbanger's Journey) the movie offers archived footage and a series of interviews with Jan Wenner's least favorite band.

Tickets are already on-sale with dates being added. More information and tour dates are available on

Monday, April 19, 2010

Peter Steele: 1962-2010

This last week was marked by the tragic death of Peter Steele, lead singer and bass player of Brooklyn's greatest metal band, Type O Negative.

The towering 6'8" baritone with the powerful voice and sardonic delivery died of apparent heart failure on April 14.

 Born Petrus T. Ratajczyk, he drove a garbage truck for the Parks Department before embarking on a music career with New York bands Fallout and Carnivore. His next project--Type O Negative sparked the goth-metal movement by combining hardcore ethics and doomy, Black Sabbath riffing on their first album: Slow, Deep and Hard.

Type O were a band that I grew up with, a powerhouse that combined dark, gothic energy with a unique, Brooklyn sense of humor. They were best known for songs like "Black No. 1", which mocked Gothic girls and culture, being named after Clairol's popular hair dye. Their catalogue includes classic records Bloody Kisses and my personal favorite, October Rust.

I am sure the afterlife is a little bit darker, and a little bit louder.

Rock on, Pete.

Because Marillion is good for you.

Check out this video: Real Tears For Sale - Live - Marillion's MySpace Blog |

Friday, April 2, 2010

Henry Rollins: Back Stage Signage

Sometimes you just have to repost something.

From fellow Brooklyn bloggers and bangers

And from the mind of the one and only Henry Rollins: