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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's A Slayer Type of Festivus

Some dude shot video of his house, adorned with Christmas lights, synched to Slayer's epic "Raining Blood."

Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Chanukkah, a little early.

Rock On!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mastering Your Reality With the Masters of Reality

"Come on children, gather round, I'll tell you the story of Old John Brown."
Chris Goss

Just pulled up some nice YouTube footage (filmed "somewhere in California") of the Masters of Reality, performing their classic 'John Brown' with Ginger Baker on drums.

For those of you who know this thoroughly wonderful, completely occasional psychedelic act, then you know that the MoR featured Ginger Baker for just one year (1992-'93) when they recorded the album Sunrise on the Sufferbus. The album came out on Chrysalis, but was met with indifference from MTV, who didn't want to put the band (two bald guys and an old drummer) on the tube.

 Too bad really, because this band was one of the greatest things out in that strange time when hair metal gave way to grunge, and their record sounded like a lost album by Cream.

Singer.guitarist Chris Goss has released a few more albums under the Masters Of Reality moniker, including last year's excellent double set Pine/Cross Dover, but the band is essentially an occasional  project. His real work is in producing.

Based in Palm Desert, California, Goss is regarded as the godfather of "desert rock" (a.k.a. "stoner rock") and produced music by Kyuss and their successors, the Queens of the Stone Age. QOTSA singer Josh Homme played on the Masters' obscure albums Deep in the Hole and Give Us Barrabas.

Checking out the band's official site reveals that the Masters are currently on a U.S. tour to support Pine/Cross Dover. They're playing a series of shows on the West Coast. Hopefully, they can be persuaded to come East. If that happens, I'll be the first in line for tickets.

In any case, "John Brown" appears in its original form on their first, self-titled record which came out in 1997 when the band was still based in upstate New York. This first record (now available only as an import) had some guy named Vinnie Ludovico manning the sticks. Regardless of who's playing drums, the first two Masters records are stone classics, or classics to get stoned to. You decide.

Here's the footage.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Neil Peart and Los 33

Neil and Wheels.

Neil Peart's latest installment of News, Weather and Sports tells the tale of his South American adventures. The Rush drummer, who travels between shows by motorcycle, has asked readers of his blog to make a donation to the Red Cross in Chile, who helped the plight of "Los 33", the Chilean miners who were trapped underneath the Atacama Desert.

It's a hell of a blog post, and well worth the price of admission to read about Neil's adventures riding from Brazil, to Argentina, to Chile. So if you're a Rush fan, or if you just like good travel writing, we suggest you check it out.

Rush are expected to go back into the studio early next year to finish work on their next opus, Clockwork Angels. You can download the first single, "Caravan" at