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Monday, June 1, 2009

Fire good. Virtual fire...weird.

That Gene Simmons. He thinks of everything.

I'll probably have to pay Tongue Tax for using the Kiss bassist's name on this blog. However--news!

Kiss are the flagship band on the first "Virtual Concert Lighter" for smartphones. The application is available for $.99 from the Spark of Blue Online Store along with other applets. Future applets will feature The Who and Poison.

Basically, this plays a film of an actual lighter on the screen of your IPod Touch or IPhone. It will even move back and forth as you wave your "lighter" in the air when they play "Beth."


  • Unfortunately, this application is useless for lighting cigars, so real lighters will still be manufactured.

  • Requires no butane or flint. What fun is that?

  • No word yet on whether you can parts-hack the IPhone to get a bigger flame, the way we used to before Rush concerts.

  • Fish will never record an album called "Raingods with IPhones."

  • Cannot be combined with Binaca for that "minty blowtorch" effect. (Which almost got us thrown out of a Clapton concert when we were kids. Foooooooompf!)